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Coronavirus Information

Vaccine Information

South Tabor has applied to be a Covid-19 vaccine provider, and we are waiting to hear from The Oregon Health Authority about when we will receive the Covid-19 vaccine.


The number of vaccines initially available will not cover all who would like one. The most vulnerable populations will have first access. This includes healthcare professionals, essential workers, people at high-risk for severe Covid-19, and those over 65.  We intend to invite our patients for vaccination in the order recommended by the CDC.


When we receive the Covid-19 vaccine, we will announce availability on our website and through social media.  We will also actively reach out to those patients who qualify for vaccination through phone/email/text messaging.  When the time comes that large quantities of the vaccine are available, vaccinations will be recommended for all patients.


 Additional important information: 


Vaccines are tightly regulated in the US to ensure safety and effectiveness. The Covid-19 vaccine process has been sped up due to the pandemic situation without compromise of strict safety protocols and evaluations. FDA approval means that the vaccine has gone through a rigorous process to provide the safest and most effective prevention strategy to stop the spread of Covid-19. It is very important to remember to continue to wear a mask, maintain 6 feet of social distance from others, and practice proper hand washing, until widespread immunity through vaccination has been achieved.


  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have current and up to date information regarding the Coronavirus available online. For information on how to protect yourself and others from Coronavirus please consult the CDC website at
  • Testing for Coronavirus is primarily limited to those with close contact to a known case. If you feel you have had close contact with a confirmed Coronavirus case, please press 1 to speak with a triage nurse.
  • STFP in conjunction with the CDC and local public health departments urge those with mild cold and flu symptoms to stay home, practice supportive care, and monitor their symptoms to help minimize the spread of infection and reduce unnecessary use of local health resources.
  • Again, we urge those with mild cold and flu symptoms to stay home, practice supportive care, and monitor for worsening symptoms.

Doing Our Part

We at South Tabor Family Physicians recognize that proactive and preventive steps are necessary to help slow down the spread of the Coronavirus. We continue to maintain and implement policies to do our part:

In addition to our standard disinfection cleaning schedule, we have increased our clinic-wide disinfection regimen. We have removed all seating in our waiting room and have a process to move you quickly to a room when you check in. If there is need for a chair, we have wheelchairs available for temporary seating.

We are taking temperatures of all everyone before they enter the clinic and requiring the use of masks before entering the building. We also are screening anyone with symptoms linked to the Coronavirus. Anyone with symptoms is asked to wear a mask and wait in their car until they can be seen by a provider. Due to the need to conserve protective equipment such as masks and gowns we will utilize telehealth for these visits as much as possible.


All incoming calls from patients experiencing symptoms linked to the Coronavirus are now required to have a telehealth visit with our providers. These visits will allow the provider to further assess your condition and determine if staying home, coming in to the clinic for further evaluation, or if testing is the best course of action. If you do need to follow up with us at the clinic, we ask that you stay in your car and call us so that our clinicians can evaluate you outside.

Telehealth visits (also known as video visits) require a smartphone, laptop with a camera and microphone, or a computer with camera and microphone. Once we confirm a telehealth appointment we will send you a link that will prompt you to install an app on your phone or download a small program onto your computer. From there the link will take you directly in to the telehealth “waiting room”. Once the provider is ready they will connect with you using video.

Car Visits

At a car visit our providers will come out to evaluate the you. Our providers wear protective gear and perform an evaluation that may include taking throat or nasal swabs to test for flu and/or Coronavirus. By performing the visits in this way, we reduce everyone’s exposure.

While a car visit may sound unusual, we have done what we can to make the experience as quick and comfortable as possible. We have performed a number of these visits now and have received positive feedback on them.

We take the Coronavirus pandemic very seriously and will continue to adjust and adapt to the situation as information becomes available. Our highest priority is to ensure the safety of you, our patients, your families, our health care team and their families, and the public at large.



South Tabor Family Physicians