Researchers estimate at least 65 million people worldwide have suffered from long COVID.

The CDC says that ” People with post-COVID conditions can have a wide range of symptoms that can last weeks, months, or even years after infection. Sometimes the symptoms can even go away or come back again.

Post-COVID conditions may not affect everyone the same way. People with post-COVID conditions may experience health problems from different types and combinations of symptoms happening over different lengths of time. Though most patients’ symptoms slowly improve with time, speaking with your healthcare provider about the symptoms you are experiencing post-COVID could help identify new medical conditions. For some people, post-COVID conditions can last weeks, months, or years after COVID-19 illness and can sometimes result in disability.”

Here is a story on NPR/OPB that aired January 20, 2023:

People with long COVID need to take extra caution in the cold temperatures…

According to a review published In July 2021 in the BMJlung function and capacity may be reduced for some time after a COVID-19 infection, leading to a higher risk of infection and disease, so Glatter advises those with long COVID should remain at home when temperatures are low to avoid the risk of secondary pneumoniainfluenza, and other respiratory viruses. “At the very least, we must advise extra precautions in patients with long COVID, making sure they wear a well-fitted N95, KN95, or KF94 mask, particularly in all indoor settings, and in those with poor ventilation,” says Glatter.” [ source link ]