Spring forward into healthy living!

A few tips from South Tabor Family Physicians to get your spring off to a great start this year: 1. Get outside and walk, talk with your neighbors and/or plant something. We might not always see the sun, but we know it’s up there somewhere and it can’t hide forever. 2. Schedule those screenings and doctors appointments you have been putting off. (You know who you are!) 3. Sort and and clean up that medicine cabinet. Old medications loses its potency. Did you know that Aspirin smells like vinegar when it gets old? 4. Spring cleaning can be much more than just the garage and windows. Re-home clothes you don’t wear or that don’t flatter you. Giving away stuff you don’t use or want anymore can be a great way of improving your happiness as well as helping someone else out! 5. Stop and appreciate how beautiful the blooming cherry trees are right now and remember to stop and smell the lilac when it blooms.