Help for when it’s hot

The National Weather Service is forecasting temperatures will remain in the mid 90s through the weekend, peaking Sunday, July 29th with highs nearing 100.

Seniors are most vulnerable to prolonged heat exposure, in part because they perspire less, a function that cools the body. Young children, people with chronic health problems and people with disabilities are more vulnerable to the effects of extreme heat. So are neighbors who are experiencing homelessness and surviving without shelter or access to cool places.

People who are not acclimated to hot weather, who are obese, or who use alcohol or drugs and also at greater risk during a heat wave. Outdoor workers, people who are low income, people who don’t have shelter and athletes should also take extra precautions when it’s hot.

The effects of heat exposure are cumulative. So people who can handle one day of heat might find themselves unable to get through four or five days without a break the weather. Watch for signs of heat stroke and heat exhaustion.

More details here for cooling centers and places to cool off in Multnomah County.