Children’s Routine Vaccinations

South Tabor Family Physicians encourages families to plan ahead and schedule your child’s wellness exams and ensure vaccines are current before the school year!

“Kids across Oregon are behind on their routine vaccinations, so it’s particularly important to get them back on track before school starts. It’s an important step in keeping our children, schools and communities healthy.

Specifically, kindergarten vaccination rates in Oregon are at their lowest point in a decade, reflecting a steady downward trend across the nation, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. (Check out OHA’s new interactive School Immunization webpage, updated monthly, for the latest data.)

Every child who attends public and private schools, preschools, child care facilities, and Head Start programs in Oregon must be up to date on required vaccinations. COVID-19 and flu vaccinations are not required in these settings but are highly recommended for people of all ages.

“As we look forward to the upcoming school year, minimize the chances that you’ll be staying home with a sick kid,” said Paul Cieslak, medical director at OHA’s Communicable Diseases and Immunizations program. “Make sure your school-aged children have all their recommended and required vaccines.”

One of Oregon’s required vaccines for elementary school children is DTaP, which covers diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis. Cases of pertussis (whooping cough) are on the rise in Oregon, and you can track that and other infectious diseases in Oregon on our interactive Monthly Communicable Disease Surveillance Report.” [ Source Link from Oregon Health Authority ]