Free Fitness Classes Help with Arthritis

OSU Extension Walk with Ease Classes

If you struggle with arthritis, one of the best things you can do to feel better is move more.

During Arthritis Awareness Month, we want to share information about movement classes sponsored by Oregon State University’s (OSU) Extension Service. You can start the self-directed course any time – this version is free to all Oregonians. Or, you can sign up for group classes held online or in-person in your area – these classes may charge a fee.

Designed by the Arthritis Foundation in 2012, OSU’s Walk With Ease fitness program is proven to help reduce pain from arthritis and improve overall health and mood. The program is appropriate for those living with chronic health conditions who want to be more physically active.

Nearly one in four people live with the pain of arthritis—the #1 cause of disability in Oregon. Chronic pain from arthritis can also increase anxiety and depression.

By the end of OSU’s six-week program, participants will learn:

  • The basics about arthritis and its relationship to exercise and pain.
  • How to exercise safely and comfortably, and to make walking and movement fun.
  • Realistic goals for improved fitness.
  • Tips, strategies and resources to help overcome barriers and continue to be physically active.
  • About other programs and resources to help maintain walking and other physical activity.
  • For people with disabilities, classes are modified to include movements such as wheelchair rolling, as well as stretches and strengthening activities for people with limited mobility.


How the self-directed program works:

Take this simple walking program at your own pace! Register online for the self-directed program.

1)     Create an account and complete the registration form with the OAAA Portal. Enter a good mailing address so you can receive your book.

2)     Receive your book via mail or an e-book through the OAAA Portal.

3)     Login to your account through the OAAA Portal to start the program.

4)     Read the book and use it as a tool to track your progress. You will set walking goals, keep track of how you feel on the days you walk, and learn tips and techniques to help you manage your walking and arthritis symptoms.

* For more enjoyment and support, try walking with a friend! Just have your friend sign-up too so they can get their own FREE book!

5)     Over the next 6 weeks the OAAA Portal will send you weekly emails to guide you through the program. It’s okay if you don’t meet your walking goals at the very beginning, it can take a while to develop a new habit! It’s important that you’re taking the first step now.

6)     At the end of the program, you will complete an evaluation. Your feedback is critical and allows us to continue to obtain funding to offer Walk With Ease resources at no cost to you!


How to Find a Group Near You