Good Day Sunshine!

Did you know that your body is designed to get the vitamin D it needs by producing it when your bare skin is exposed to sunlight? You can’t get the right amount of vitamin D your body needs from food so you need supplements or some sun exposure!

* Remember, always be sensible when it comes to sun exposure. Never get a sunburn; always protect your face; but do expose your arms, legs, abdomen, and/or back. The optimal amount of sun you need depends upon your skin type, location, time of day, and season.

Interesting fact: Unlike humans, cats can’t make vitamin D in the sun, so they must get the nutrient from food. At the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, a study of 99 pet cats found that higher vitamin D levels in food helped the felines recover from virtually any type of illness. However, too much vitamin D can be toxic to cats, so stick to food-based sources of the vitamin.