Healthy Living Tip: Stop and smell the flowers

South Tabor Family Physicians Healthy Living Tip to stop and smell the flowers

South Tabor Family Physicans LLP wants to encourage our patients to stop and smell the roses (or lilacs, peonies, lilies and even fruits and herbs).

“Floral Scent Soothes Stress

Linalool May Explain Some of Aromatherapy’s Stress-Reducing Benefits 

Sniffing your way around the local farmer’s market may offer some of nature’s best aromatherapy to reduce stress.

A new study shows that linalool, a floral scented compound found in many foods and flowers such as oranges, grapes, mangos, lemons, basil, and lavender, may suppress stress-related chemical and gene changes in rats.

Inhaling the linalool caused a reduction in the level of stress-induced immune cells in the rats’ bloodstream as well as downgraded the activity of more than 100 genes that go into overdrive during stressful situations.

Researchers say inhaling the scents of certain plants has been practiced since ancient times to reduce stress, fight inflammation and depression, and induce sleep, and these results represent some of the first scientific evidence to back up these stress-reducing claims. “

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