National Family Fun Month

August is here, and it’s time to celebrate National Family Fun Month! South Tabor Family Physicians cannot think of a better way to celebrate than by exploring our beautiful region with your loved ones. Here are some family and friend friendly activities:

  1. Discover Nature’s Playground: The Pacific Northwest is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty, and there’s no shortage of outdoor adventures for families to enjoy. Head out to Forest Park, the country’s largest urban forest, and embark on a family hike surrounded by towering trees and lush greenery. Don’t forget to pack a picnic to savor the fresh air and stunning views!
  2. Explore the Sky: Get a blanket and turn off your outdoor lights… the Perseid meteor shower will peak between the evening of August 12th and the pre-dawn hours of August 13th, providing the best chance to witness this meteor shower.
  3. Unleash Creativity at Children’s Museums: Portland boasts some fantastic children’s museums that cater to curious minds of all ages. Visit the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI), where interactive exhibits and science demonstrations promise an engaging day for the whole family. The Portland Children’s Museum is another treasure trove of hands-on activities and educational play areas that will delight your little ones.
  4. Enjoy Local Food and Farmers’ Markets: The Pacific Northwest is a haven for foodies, and exploring the region’s vibrant farmers’ markets is a must for any family. Wander through the Portland Farmers Market to discover fresh produce, artisanal treats, and local crafts. Engage your children in choosing fruits and veggies to inspire healthy eating habits from an early age.
  5. Connect with Wildlife: The Oregon Zoo is a family favorite, offering an opportunity to connect with animals from around the world. Wander through beautifully designed exhibits and learn about conservation efforts while enjoying a memorable day with the family. Don’t miss the chance to meet Samudra, the adorable elephant calf born at the zoo!
  6. Family-Friendly Festivals and Events: August in Portland brings forth an array of family-friendly festivals and events. The Oregon State Fair, for example, with its carnival rides and entertainment – there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

National Family Fun Month is a perfect reminder to cherish moments with our loved ones and create lasting memories together. Engaging in fun activities as a family not only strengthens bonds but also promotes physical and emotional well-being for both children and adults. We encourage you to embrace this special month by exploring the wonders of the Pacific Northwest with your family.