National Blood Donor Month

January is National Blood Donor Month (NBDM) since December 31, 1969.

The monthly observance was meant to honor voluntary blood donors and to encourage more people to give blood at a time when more blood is needed. The month of January is usually a period of critical blood shortages. People stop donating blood during the holidays and when they get sick during cold and flu season. Blood drives also get snowed out during the winter months. Help ensure that this lifesaving resource is readily available to patients during this time.

Find a location to give blood and schedule your life-saving donation appointment today.

“Blood donations can do more than just save someone’s life in life or death situations. These transfusions also help:

  • those who undergo surgeries
  • people who have diseases
  • people with chronic illnesses
  • anyone who has been in accidents
  • cancer treatments
  • transplants
  • anemic patients

The list for the need for blood goes on and on. Currently, there is no substitute for using real blood in these instances. One pint of a donor’s blood can save up to three lives. Donating a pint of blood for those in need only takes an hour of your time.” [ Source link ]